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To enquire and order an autograph from any of our guests at our shows listed here:-



- Please email to let us know when it's been sent, otherwise your order isn’t confirmed.

- We do not charge for personalisation, quotes and inscriptions. However to include these are the decision of the signer and sometimes can't be fulfilled.

- We always request proof photos, but this isn’t guaranteed or a part of your order.

- Signature location and ink colour can be requested, but can’t be guaranteed.


- Please add a post-it note with your name and address to the back of your item. If we can’t identify the item it will greatly delay you receiving it back.

- Please add post it notes or notes fastened with masking tape for any requests, such as signature location, quotes, personalisation etc.

- Please put your full name and return address on the outside of the packaging.

- Try to reduce the size of the parcels where possible. Posters to be folded (if possible), or rolled into tubes.

- Ideally use bubble wrap and not pieces of foam packaging which are messy for us and the signer.

- Remember any Funkos or figure cases must be posted FLAT - we only send the cases, not the full items.

- We will contact you if the item isn't received closer to the event. 

- If you’re ordering for multiple guests it's fine to send items in one parcel. But please package them separately within that parcel as they will be separated and sent to different addresses and we prefer to use your packaging, not our own.

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