Due to the diversity of our events and the varying areas of pop culture in which they are all placed, we are always on the lookout for great new exhibitors to showcase at our events.
You may even discover that you are in a position to exhibit at more than one of our events! A great example is the Scream Seekers Scare Crew which not only had plenty of interest at Comic Con Liverpool 2019, but who are also perfectly suited to appear at the UK Bike Fest as For The Love Of Horror events!
Past and upcoming exhibitors at our events include:
The Circus of Horrors
Scream Seekers Scare Crew
Breakout Manchester/Liverpool
Asmodee Gaming
VR Podz
Team Roaming Robots Robot Wars Arena
Pigeon Creek Studios
Two Brothers Racing Stunt Team
DC Props
Boogiestorm Dance Troupe
Merseyside FGC Tournaments
Futureshock Wrestling
No matter how diverse or odd your exhibit may be, we want to hear from you! You may just have a mammoth collection of comic books to exhibit and show off to other fans, or you may own a lifesize prop build of the Death Star (ok so that one is a bit of a stretch) - drop us a line - we want to know!
If you would like to enquire about exhibiting at any of our events please contact us at info@monopolyevents.co.uk